A new behavior?...SpamAssassin timed out (with no network checks) and was killed & Disabled RBL SBL+XBL as reached 7/10 timeouts [SCANNED]

David Thurman listonly at WEBPRESENCEGROUP.NET
Thu Jun 17 13:36:25 IST 2004

On 6/17/04 2:08 AM, "Raymond Dijkxhoorn" wrote:

>> 1. SpamAssassin timed out (with no network checks) and was killed
>> 2. SpamAssassin timed out and was killed, failure 22 of 20
>> 3. Disabled RBL SBL+XBL as reached 7/10 timeouts
> Either the load on your box is too high or you might have problems
> reaching the SBL+XBL so you get timeouts. It might be a good idea to setup
> a local DNS server with those zones loaded localy.

How can a person tell that one of the RBL's is timing out?

We are also seeing SA timeouts and seeing blocks of spam passing :(

This started about 2 weeks ago, so not sure if maybe the amount of inbound
UCE is just over loading us. We are running a beefing machine, 1.75 GHz
Athlon with 3/4 Gig of Ram and the machine is strictly running Debian with
sendmail, MS/SA and basic Linux install. No www or other web related
David Thurman
The Web Presence Group
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