Automaticly getting the IP of a Virus Sender?

Randal, Phil prandal at HEREFORDSHIRE.GOV.UK
Tue Jun 15 10:53:42 IST 2004

Karl M. Joch wrote:

> Hello,
> I was looking to add a script to automaticly block IPs of
> Virus senders in the firewall. Is there any way to run a
> script when finding a Virus, or Spam, getting the sender IP
> in a variable? All of our servers updates the firewall from a
> central point and the blocks are removed every night. This
> would help against mass mail viruses alot. I know this can be
> dangerous when blocking some ISPs mail server but maybe this
> helps that some ISPs blocks some traffic at their servers
> too. Finally the ISP mail server will retry to send the
> emails for a loger time, but mails from a workstation having
> a virus are mostly sent direct and not queued somewhere which
> will bring the traffic and the system load for virus scanning down.

Vispan does this by blocking the virus sender's IP in your
Sendmail "access" file.




Phil Randal
Network Engineer
Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK

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