Any Ideas on how to get Mailscanner and Spamassassin to do base64 messages?

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Jun 9 19:11:55 IST 2004

At 01:27 PM 6/9/2004, Peter Bonivart wrote:
>Thank you Matt for antidrug, it helps a lot! Have you thought about
>moving it to surbl or is it not necessary since it's a lot smaller than
>BigEvil and the others?

Um.. That doesn't even make sense...You can't port antidrug to surbl, the
technologies are vastly different and not applicable to each other.

SURBL is a URI blacklist. It looks at the domains of links to websites. It
ignores general body text. It then queries these domains against a DNS
server. As a DNS query, it can only do simple exact-text matching.

Antidrug is a complex body-text search, and has nothing to do with domains,
or links to websites at all. It looks for the names of drugs to be present
in the body text. It uses a wide variety of character-alternative matches
to pick up obfuscated text and can't be done as a exact-match text search.

Since they examine different parts of the email, and require different
matching technologies, conversion is completely impractical.

Also it's impractical due to volume. To do antidrug as an exact-match,
you'd have to expand all the possible combinations.. Last I did the
calculations circa 0.64, will match  9.9711 * 10^ 64 possible
spellings of Vicodin. It could be even more now.

You try to expand all those combinations and host em on a DNS server.. Hope
you have a LOT of diskspace for the zone file :)

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