ArchiveTooDeep: Changes since 4.29.7 ?

Muenz, Michael linux at LEUTE.SERVER.DE
Tue Jun 8 11:05:38 IST 2004


today I've updated my MailScanner from 4.29.7 to 4.31.6.
All works great, but I've copied language files from old version
an I got this warning in my logs:
Jun  8 11:55:32 pns MailScanner[8971]: Looked up unknown
string archivetoodeep in language translation file

I've copied the new one in the directory and then all was fine.

But I'm a bit afraid that something has changed since that version
with handling deep archives. Some versions earlier (about 4.28?)
there was a bug when you set ArchiveDepth to "0", so I set it
to 1000.
Is that OK for 4.31.6 or why want MailScanner give me an alert
that archive depth is to deep ?
Thanks ..


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