Bad RFC822 field name ''

Brian PASSANTE b.passante at ACTINUX.COM
Fri Jun 4 09:02:49 IST 2004


>I don't have the will to read (again) rfc822 or 2822, but, even when
>may be legal, the offending header lines must be:
>              Priority: Normal                               ]
>That is definitively rfc822 NON-compliant.

I know that "-:" is rfc822 compliant but the perl lib Mail::Header is
not agree with that :)
I tested parsing a email with the perl lib with the "-:" header and it
return the same rfc822 error.
I find the origin a the error but I am unable to correct it.

In the of the Mailtools libs, the function :
sub _tag_case
 my $tag = shift;
 $tag =~ s/\:$//;

     map { /^[b-df-hj-np-tv-z]+$|^(?:MIME|SWE|SOAP|LDAP)$/i
         ? uc($_) : ucfirst(lc($_)) }
              split('-', $tag));

When parsing, "-:" headers, it return "", and after when a check is done
by :
croak( "Bad RFC822 field name '$tag'\n")
 unless(defined $ctag && $ctag =~ /\A($FIELD_NAME|From )/oi);

the error appear because nothing is not rfc compliant.

About a tips:
just comment the 210 & 211 ligne of the :
croak( "Bad RFC822 field name '$tag'\n")
 unless(defined $ctag && $ctag =~ /\A($FIELD_NAME|From )/oi);

It is not so really bad, because, if Qmail receive a buggy headers mail,
it refuses it so we don't have to really check the rfc.
I test  it by injecting all my buggy mail, and everything is working fine.

Have a nice day

Tomao groupe KPF

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