Bad RFC822 field name ''

Brian PASSANTE b.passante at ACTINUX.COM
Wed Jun 2 14:20:23 IST 2004


I try to found where the problem comes from excatly.
I just find why the problem is specific to Qmail.
The script use the lib from Mailtool which use the to parse headers.
This is this script which get the error message, :

croak( "Bad RFC822 field name '$tag'\n")
  unless(defined $ctag && $ctag =~ /\A($FIELD_NAME|From )/oi);

I don't really know why this script return on error message because, it
seems the header "-:" is RFC822 compliant.

So I don't know if it is a bug in this lib, but i think the
file must take care of error message of the file.
Have you any idee to do it ?

Thanks a lot,


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