postfix/mailscanner: mail backs up in outoging

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Fri Jul 16 22:07:26 IST 2004

Harry Hanson wrote:

>using as gateway.. messages do get to the inside mail server for local
>delivery, however it backs up to the point the fs runs out of inodes. it
>appears ms does it's scan and drops in the outgoing mail dir
>(/var/spool/postfix/incoming) but the deliver rate is simply so slow
>everything backs up till it the file system fills up. any ideas?
If I'm not mistaken but have you hijacked a previous thread with this
one? If so could you move it to it's own as the archives are hard enough

When you do, could you post me some log extracts as I would like to see
why postfix is taking taking so long. With that much queued in active
there is something wrong with your up stream flow...


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