ANNOUNCE: Stable 4.26.7 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Jan 31 15:38:50 GMT 2004

I have just released the new stable version 4.26.7 on

Main new features this time are:
        - Each line in a ruleset can have 2 tests "and-ed" together.
        - Scheduled rebuild of the Bayes database with full locking so MailScanner
won't timeout during the rebuild. This should remove all those pesky files.
        - Appearance on a "Spam List" can be used to modify the spam score, so
users with mail filters looking for the SpamScore header can easily match
spam that only appeared on a Spam List.
        - Added "notify" Spam Action so that users can be informed they received a
spam without actually being able to directly see the spam message itself.
Could be very useful in high school installations and others with children
using e-mail.
        - Hopefully fixed the last of the Postfix problems.

(In the RPM distributions, the only file that has changed since the last
release is the main MailScanner rpm itself)

The full ChangeLog is this:

New in Version 4.26.7
* New Features and Improvements *
- Improved configuration engine so that rules can now contain 2 tests
   separated by "and".
- Added "notify" Spam Action and High Scoring Spam Action. This will cause a
   short text notification message to be sent to the recipients of the spam
   message. The filename of the report is set with the "Recipient Spam Report"
   configuration setting. There is also an MCP equivalent of this
   functionality. See the MCP documentation for details of the settings.
- Removed the "bounce" spam action.
- Added regular rebuild of Bayes database. Has 2 options associated with it
   which I haven't included in the conf file yet.
- Added "Rebuild Bayes Every" and "Wait During Bayes Rebuild" options to
   configure the operation of the regular Bayes database rebuilds.
- Added commented "bayes_auto_expire 0" line to spam.assassin.prefs.conf as
   you will want to uncomment this line if you are using the regular scheduled
   Bayes database expiry feature given above.
- Added "Minimum Stars If On Spam List" setting so that people who just filter
   on the "Spam Stars" can catch messages which only trigger the "Spam List"
- Added "Log Non Spam" option to allow logging of all non-spam, which can be
   coerced into logging SpamAssassin scores of non-spam mail.
- Added support for Norman virus scanner (
- Added logging of ids of dropped silent viruses.
- Added "Too Many Attachments" error report in a message instead of old
   report saying it could not analyse the message.
- No longer stops or restarts after RPM upgrade.
- Added MCP patches for SpamAssassin 2.61 and 2.63.
- Added 'SpamAssassin Site Rules Dir' setting to locate /etc/mail/spamassassin.
- Spanish translations of languages.conf updated from Debian translators.
- Added Catalan translation of all report files.
- Added bogusmx list to supplied spam.lists.conf.
- Added spamhaus-XBL and SBL+XBL lists to supplied spam.lists.conf.
- Changed the version number scheme from major.minor-teeny to
- Forced owner to be root.root in both RPM spec files, so can be re-built by
   non-root users.
- Added my "wish list" to the donations page.
- Detailed spam report now includes auto-learn status if it was auto-learnt.
- Added sendmail submit MSPUSER and MSPGROUP for better compatibility with

* Fixes *
- Fixed creation of MCP quarantine directory bug.
- Fix to Postfix message duplication problems. Must find "end of message"
   record now.
- Fix to duplicate recipient listing in postmaster notices.
- Fixed bug so filename/filetype rules configuration setting can be blank.
- Exim per-message log files are deleted correctly now.
- Fixed recipient duplication problems in sender messages and other reports.
- Fixed bug where extra ": " appears in VirusWarning.txt when MailScanner's
   own checks find multiple problems with 1 attachment.
- Fixed bug where _SCORE_ in subject line modifications is never more than 60.
- Fixed bug where rules generated a harmless warning in the log.
Julian Field
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