Performance problems...

Eric J Merkel merkel at METALINK.NET
Fri Jan 30 21:32:14 GMT 2004

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> >
> > There are a fair number of timeouts.
> Timeouts on what? RBL? Spamassassin?

Sendmail collecting input from & to some SMTP servers....

> >I do not have a caching
> > name server on
> > this server, but I am going to load one on and see if that helps.
> if redhat, install the packages called caching-nameserver
> > I am
> > running three RBL's on this system so their are a lot of DNS lookups
> > happening.
> hence the advantage of having a caching dns on the same machine.

I've loaded a caching nameserver on this system. Just watching it a few
minutes, it does seem to have improved much. I am still falling about 200
messages behind every few minutes....

My current settings for the batch mode is below.

Max Unscanned Messages Per Scan = 500
Max Unsafe Messages Per Scan = 30

I also tried these at 30/30, 100/50, & 500/100 with no noticeable
difference. Should I just stick with the defaults of 30/30?


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