[OT] Virus scanning strategies

shrek-m at gmx.de shrek-m at GMX.DE
Fri Jan 30 19:24:50 GMT 2004

Randal, Phil wrote:

>It all falls apart when for whatever reason the antivirus fails (either

you can see if the intercheck-client isn´t startet
red intercheck-monitor = all is ok
grey = inactive

> or to update patterns)

a linuxbox wget, unzip, cp  the sophos-ides to the intercheck-server 
(w2k) and mails me what happened,
if there should be problems, savadmin (i haven´t tested em) shows me the 
status on the clients.

> on one or more of the desktops.

one desktop = could happen
more desktops = could happen
undergoing earth = could hapen
human beings on mars = could happen

>  That's why
>defence in depth is needed.


and very important: the own feeling for the network


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