Skip scan for viruses

Randal, Phil prandal at HEREFORDSHIRE.GOV.UK
Fri Jan 30 18:20:28 GMT 2004

I've just double-checked, the issue is only with high-scoring spam actions.

We have

  Spam Actions = store striphtml deliver
  High Scoring Spam Actions = store delete

Maybe another option for this one?

I want unconditional virus scanning for us - that way we get accurate
statistics, others might want to only scan the stuff which is stored
because, if you're deleting and not storing and don't need to keep stats,
there's no need to scan.

I think that anything other than "delete" on its own should force a scan by
default, with an additional "Virus Scan Everything" option for the paranoid
and statistics gatherers amongst us (like me).

i.e. Anything we store or forward / bounce to others should be scanned by



Phil Randal
Network Engineer
Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK

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> >No. The spam detection is done before the virus detection.
> >That way you can avoid the extra work of scanning spam
> messages you are
> >deleting anyway.
> >
> Really?  My MailScanner seems to do both anti-virus and spam
> scanning.  I
> get quite a few messages with tags from both processes.  Or
> perhaps I'm just
> unaware of one of the inner processes; is MailScanner supposed to skip
> anti-virus scanning for all spams or just the ones that
> aren't forwarded on
> to users (high-scoring spams, in my case)?
> I also must agree with some other posters.  Spam-scanning is
> nice but, spam
> or not, anti-virus scanning is essential.  I do *not* want
> MailScanner to
> skip anti-virus scanning of *any* message!
> -Ed

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