Port 25 vulnerability

Bill Omer bill at DISTMIRR.COM
Fri Jan 30 16:01:37 GMT 2004

The only thing I can think of to do this would have to be done on the
packet level.  Something could be made that monitors traffic on port 25.
There would have to be a difference in the packets generated by an MUA
vs packets generated by a telnet client.  Based on that information, a
connection could be dropped when it's triggered.  I guess it could be
possible to use tcpdump to do this, if there is a difference in the


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I have a question about mail and port 25 in general.  I know that this
is really not on the mailscanner subject so if I don't get an answer
that is ok.  There are lots of servers that accept email, but don't
allow you to telnet to port 25.  Since port 25 is a port that mail talks
on how does one secure this port to only allow email to talk to it and
not allow the "telnet hostname 25" action.  I know in this case telnet
is disabled on the mail server.  Sorry for being so dopey on this one.


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