Reliable spam/nospam bayes learner?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Jan 30 09:31:21 GMT 2004

I have posted my scripts to do this to this list a few times now. Try
searching for posts from me which include "notspam".

At 08:10 30/01/2004, you wrote:
>maybe I'm missing seeing the link, but I was looking for a script that I
>can set up so users can forward false positives/negatives to so that
>they will be learned by SA as spam or ham ... also, as it will be hard
>enough to teach people to forward correctly, it has to learn from a
>forwarded, not bounced, mail ... that is, ignore the information added
>by the mail client and just look at the original mail (as far as
>information is still available, like headers, etc.)
>Help appreciated,

Julian Field
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