Matthijs Althoff m.althoff at BROMBERG.DEMON.NL
Fri Jan 30 08:16:21 GMT 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 16:05:09 +0100, Peter Peters <P.G.M.Peters at UTWENTE.NL>

>What I usually do in these cases is checking what I get with just
>grep MailScanner * | grep "Found the"
>Perhaps awk gives some error message that is piped into sort.

In your example it greps in all files (*). Therefore it
also grepped the file run I had created and found the
word awk at $9 ;-)I have replaced * for maillog* and
it works like charm.

$ ./run

Real e-mail received:    7681
Spam or spam-line mail:      62
Mail blocked by ruleset's:    4444
Mail send to non existing local users:    2483
M$ Outlook HTML abusers:     119
Current Mcafee Uvscan dat version: Virus data file v4321 created Jan 29 2004

Top 5 (and more) virussen found:

     22 W32/Swen at MM
      1 W32/Sober.c at MM
      1 W32/FunLove.gen

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