Panda question, and introduction

Victor DiMichina victor at PIXELMAGICFX.COM
Fri Jan 30 02:04:31 GMT 2004

Hello,  I am new to this list.     I have:

CommuniGatePro 4.1.6
Red Hat 8.0
MailScanner running F-secure,  SpamAssassin, and (attempting) Panda
command line.

F-secure and Spamassassin work marvelously through Mailscanner,  but
Panda 7.0.1 doesn't do a single thing.    I searched through the
archives of this mailing list for a patch to the panda wrapper,  and
found this one:
#              print TEMP $_;

-               if (/Encontrado virus:\s+((\w|\-|\_|\/)+)/) {
+               if (/(Found virus|Encontrado virus)\s*:\s*((\w|\-|\_|\/)
+)/) {
+               #if (/Encontrado virus:\s+((\w|\-|\_|\/)+)/) {
                         close SALIDA;
-                       return $1;
+                       #return $1;
+                       return $2;
         close SALIDA;

I have still had no luck.   I try sending it the e'i'c'a'r test virus,
 but F-secure does all of the work.  I have checked all of the paths as
well.    Is there a wrapper that will work for this program,  or even a
log file in Mailscanner that will give me a lead?

Vic DiMichina

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