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shrek-m at gmx.de shrek-m at GMX.DE
Thu Jan 29 21:01:05 GMT 2004

Ugo Bellavance wrote:

>>I'm running MailScanner with Postfix. I would like to know how to tell
>>what version of MailScanner I'm running and also is there a procedure
>>for upgrading to the latest version? Any recommendations as far as
>>backing up the current install so I can revert to that, if
>>needed, would
>>also be helpful.
>Backing up what? settings?  this is done automatically.  You can backup your whole server if you want to.

$ rpm -ql mailscanner
you could at least save your

for downgrade
    # rpm -Uvh --oldpackage --replacefiles --replacepkgs
    you have saved your old MailScanner.conf  ;-)

>To know the version, in redhat = rpm -q MailScanner
# vi  /var/log/maillog

>To upgrade, do as if you were installing, but run 'upgrade_mailscanner_conf' after.


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