silent virus ruleset

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Thu Jan 29 19:40:07 GMT 2004

At 01:43 PM 1/29/2004, Matthew K Bowman wrote:
>Still having trouble with my ruleset being bypassed for Silent Viruses
>Virus: Bagle    no
>Virus: Mydoom   no
>Virus: NoVarg   no
>Virus: SCO      no
>Virus: default yes
>FromOrTo: default yes
>I still want users' to receive notifications but not get swamped with the
>MyDoom variations.

you need to set "Still Deliver Silent Viruses" to no

By default, a "Silent Virus" is one that doesn't notify the sender, but
still notifies the recipient.

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