Problems with local users

Schmitt, Andy C - CIDD-2 acschmitt at BPA.GOV
Thu Jan 29 17:04:44 GMT 2004

Zeitgeist, another thing you could do is show us how you're starting sendmail.  And (shot in the dark) did you make any changes to your syslog setup that we should know about? You're not getting Sendmail log entries, from the sound of it, so the problem seems more fundamental than a MailScanner problem.

When I first installed MailScanner, I separated out mail service log entries to go to "/var/log/maillog" so things wouldn't get lost in the shuffle.  But I didn't restart syslogd, so nothing logged at all. :( Once syslogd was restarted, things worked fine.


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Can you provide some log entries to show us what is and is not happening?


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> Hi!
> I have a big problem with MailScanner. First of all, here is
> the setup of my system:
> RedHat 7.2 with sendmail 8.11.6
> MailScanner Version 4.24, ClamAV Version 6.5 and SpamAssassin
> 2.63 Virtual Domains (Ensim system)
> so much for the setup. On one of the virtual domains I have
> set up a mailing list system via the sendmail alias file. On
> this virtual domain there are also a lot of users which
> should have e-mail addressess on the server.
> The problem now is, that I can send E-Mails to the mailing
> list or to one of the users which are on this virtual domain
> and everything works as expected and the E-Mails are passed
> through MailScanner to the mailing lists or to the user on the system.
> However if one of the users on the system wants to send an
> e-mail through the system, the system gladly accepts the
> e-mail via port 25 but then does not deliver them and there
> are no traces of the incoming e-mail in the system logs. They
> seem to simply disappear or I am looking in the wrong place
> for them. In any ways they are not delivered, not locally nor remotly.
> This might be a longer problem but I would be glad if someone
> could help me with this.
> Thanks,
> zeitgeist

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