Problems with local users

zeitgeist zeitgeist at GEISTERSTUNDE.ORG
Thu Jan 29 16:18:11 GMT 2004


I have a big problem with MailScanner. First of all, here is the setup
of my system:
RedHat 7.2 with sendmail 8.11.6
MailScanner Version 4.24, ClamAV Version 6.5 and SpamAssassin 2.63
Virtual Domains (Ensim system)

so much for the setup. On one of the virtual domains I have set up a
mailing list system via the sendmail alias file. On this virtual domain
there are also a lot of users which should have e-mail addressess on
the server.

The problem now is, that I can send E-Mails to the mailing list or to
one of the users which are on this virtual domain and everything works
as expected and the E-Mails are passed through MailScanner to the
mailing lists or to the user on the system.
However if one of the users on the system wants to send an e-mail
through the system, the system gladly accepts the e-mail via port 25
but then does not deliver them and there are no traces of the incoming
e-mail in the system logs. They seem to simply disappear or I am
looking in the wrong place for them. In any ways they are not
delivered, not locally nor remotly.
This might be a longer problem but I would be glad if someone could
help me with this.


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