mcafee uvscan not using /usr/local/uvscan/datfi les/current

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Thu Jan 29 15:05:18 GMT 2004

> >Uhmm, not really You should *not* use any symlinks at all.
> You're the first person to mention this problem. If you can pin it
> down more precisely I would be interested -- i.e. steps I can follow
> to reproduce the problem.
> I wrote the McAfee update script and I haven't seen any reports of
> viruses slipping through from my users. (30,000 users and over 500,000
> messages per day.)
> McAfee is a bit odd about symlinks, but AFAICT it works so long as the
> directory containing the actual uvscan binary contains the
> DAT files, or
> symlinks to the dat files.

Didn't the problem with McAfee and symlinks have to do with symlinks in the
path to the files you were scanning (i.e. Incoming Work Dir)?  I don't think
there is a problem with using symlinks to the DAT files.


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