tons of infected files getting though???

Robert Richard Wallace rwmailscanner at LACASITA.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Jan 29 10:37:49 GMT 2004

Where I work we have been using MailScanner coupled with Sophos and some of
the attachments still get through. Maybe Julian can confirm this but I
believe MailScanner pulls the mail apart into attachments using the
MIME-tools and this is where the problem is occuring as it cant detect the

Juju is  MIME and i believe uudecoder it was written in plain ANSI C from
what i can tell. NOTE Programming aint really my area. The code is licensed
under the GPL so we can modify it if need be, if anyone feels it would be
worth it.

If anyone wants a copy then email me and i will send it to you, as i cant
find it on any webpages these days. Not much need for utils that decode
attachments from mail when everyones got decent Mail Clients.


Chris wrote:>

So, the question is: is our problem with some of these emails related to
MailScanner or ClamAV or ???

I'm not familiar with "juju". Is this something that can be accessed
from Perl?

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