MailScanner-MRTG-0.07 problems - update

Ian Miller imiller at BSD.UCHICAGO.EDU
Thu Jan 29 00:19:37 GMT 2004

I am having other issues with it but I will move my conversation to the forum
on sourceforge.

Quoting Kevin Spicer <kevin at KEVINSPICER.CO.UK>:

> [I thought it was about time to start a new thread!]
> I'd also like to thank Julian and all those who don't use MSMRTG for
> being tolerant of this discussion taking place here.  Thanks guys!
> hopefully the pain is nearly over.
> UPDATE:  I've now carefully re-read all the error reports I've have
> (almost all net-snmp related).  Some were my fault, others were
> misunderstandings of changes and net-snmp configuration issues.  I've
> now put together a further package which I hope fixes all known issues.
> Before I release this on the public at large would any of the folks who
> were having trouble with net-snmp care to test it for me?  If so please
> email me off list stating preference of tarball or rpm.
> Thanks
> Kevin
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