more IE6 vulnerabilities

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I think it's a ruse to get him w/in striking distance w/a sword.  In a
closed session of Parliment she was heard to mutter "Off w/his head".  More
power to her. ;-)


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>Jay Leno mentioned last night that Bill Gates is to be
>knighted by Queen
>E.  He made a joke about why Gates would want to be a knight of the
>British kingdom when his empire was bigger.  ;-)
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>Hi everyone,
>Every time I read articles like this one, I get a bad taste in
>my mouth.
>Lovely.  Then I think about Microsoft's "Trusted Computing" initiative,
>and the sour taste gets worse. How can a company that has more money
>than most countries leave its users open to crap like this? It's bad
>enough that they seem to build security holes into their products from
>the beginning, then never seem to bother testing anything before
>shipping it.
>I particularly love the part where the writer says, "We also
>have reason
>to believe there is no fix." This gets better all the time. Now we can
>not only be fooled into believing that we're on our bank's website, but
>we can acquire a worm while they're robbing us blind. Thanks,
>I'll be using Mozilla exclusively from now on. Long live open source.

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