f-prot question

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Wed Jan 28 20:59:34 GMT 2004

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>You need to update your engine, this is most likely your
>problem. The sigs
>ARE up to date but your engine isnt.
>> I see references to newer versions of f-prot on the list
>too.  Stinkers.
>> They didn't notify me they'd upgraded it again.  I did get
>one notice from
>> them last fall.  Sigh.  Yet another thing to check into.
>I posted them on this list also, when there was a new engine... :)

Yeah, I need to update.  But it is catching the viruses.  I guess the
question is, is the MailScanner autoupdate script choking because of the
older version?

And, as I mentioned yesterday I'm tempted to run f-prot.autoupdate from the
command line to see what it outputs, but not sure if I outta shut down
MailScanner first.  I think not but figured I'd double check.  Any reason
not to?


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