spamassassin timeouts this morning

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Wed Jan 28 18:16:17 GMT 2004

> At 17:39 28/01/2004, you wrote:
> >Hi all -
> >
> >I'm wondering if anyone is getting spamassassin timeouts this morning. My
> >server has now accumulated quite a backlog due to this. I am saw that the
> > blacklist was timing out so I've disabled that, then I saw that
> >both razor & pyzor were timing out - a pyzor discover seemed to handlmed
> >to handle pyzor, but razor is still timing out after doing a discover.
> I switched off razor yesterday morning, it was repeatedly timing out.
> Haven't tried it again since (been writing code for you lot :-)

I get the general impression that mail servers are under pressure today at a
global level, so SA timeouts etc., would not really surprise me. We had to
shutdown some services on one of our shared hosting servers due to the
amount of junk that MS had to process :(

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