Announce: MailScanner-MRTG version 0.07 released {Virus Scanned}

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Wed Jan 28 16:26:45 GMT 2004

Stephe Campbell wrote:
> This is what I am seeing, not running snmp, and configure as such in
> the conf file:
> CPU utilization not working
> Server Network traffic not working
> Space Used in /var/spool not working
> Space Used in Work Directory not working
> Is this proper in light of the non-snmp stuff?

CPU and Network stats (and memory) come from SNMP
Space used will only return figures now if the specified directory is a mountpoint.  If this is not a mountpoint on your system then it will always return zero.
> I turned on the default snmpd installed with RH 7.3 and this did not
> change. No changes were made to the snmpd.conf file or anywhere else.
> I do not use snmp anywhere (actually, I don't even know what it's
> used for), so the configuration of such would be an added chore.

The default snmpd shouldn't need much/any config (I need to produse a quickstart note for that I think) - ensure that it is net-snmp or ucd-snmp, start snmpd and set Use SNMP=yes in the mailscanner-mrtg.conf.  You also need to ensure you have net-snmp-utils or ucd-snmp-utils installed.

If you have net-snmp then there are still a few problems with net-snmp support - I'm rolling all the patches together and will hopefully release an update tonight.

Note that you won't see changes immediately (wait say 10-15 minutes) as it works on the difference between consequtive runs

> Is it best just to downgrade?

Probably not, the previous iptraffic stats were essentially meaningless (due to being a snapshot of 5 seconds of activity, rather than an average over 5 minutes).  The CPU utilization wasn't much better (and tended to be skewed by the load of mailscanner-mrtg itself).  The two disk space graphs (in your case) were showing the space of directories other that what they said they were.  So the only useful graph you have lost is memory (assuming that was working on your box & accurate - which was not the case on all OS's).

Hopefully tonight I'll get a fully-working-with-net-snmp version out the door and I'll try and do some notes on getting snmp working.

If you do downgrade there are a couple of things you need to do...

Immediately after downgrading
mv /var/www/html/mailscanner-mrtg/loadavg.log.xxxxxxxxx /var/www/html/mailscanner-mrtg/loadavg/loadavg.log

mv /var/www/html/mailscanner-mrtg/mailbytes/mailbytes.log.xxxxxxxxx /var/www/html/mailscanner-mrtg/mailbytes/mailbytes.log

(where xxxxxxx is a string on numbers  [unix timestamp])

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