VEXIRA antivirus support

Gabriele Oleotti goleotti at MISAG.IT
Wed Jan 28 15:18:32 GMT 2004

Hello everybody,
I'm not sure this is the right place to send this kind of emails, so if it is not please forward me to the right place.

I've twicked a little bit with the MailScanner code to add support for the Vexira Antivirus (I'm very satisfied with it.)

I'm using this modified version of MailScanner 4.24.5 from some times and it seems to work fine.

Here I attach the patch to make things to work; basically only minor modifications are necessary to the following files:
- etc/virus.scanners.conf         (virus wrapper configuration)
- lib/MailScanner/ (the actual processing sub)
- lib/vexira-wrapper              (virus wrapper shell script)

I haven't had time to test and install any newer version of MailScanner.

I have set the SupportScanning option to BETA (I don't know if this is the right status anyway...) so you may need to modify your Minimum Code Status to at least 'beta' in your MailScanner.conf to see the vexira working.

You may want to check the virus.scanners.conf if you have installed Vexira in a non-standard directory (/usr/bin/vexira)

Any feedback is welcome.


P.S. I suggest to run something like "patch -p2 <vexira.patch" in /opt/MailScanner directory (or whatever directory you install MailScanner into) to apply the patch.
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