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Derek Winkler dwinkler at ALGORITHMICS.COM
Wed Jan 28 15:09:10 GMT 2004

Even better would be \.html?$

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Cool, I think I've got it working using that example.  There was one
minor change I made though, to the html line:

allow           \.htm.*$

The original was:
allow           \.htm*$

I made the change because I think the original had a typo...  Unless I'm
misreading (or forgetting how regex's work), that one means it'll match
.ht, .htm, and .htmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(and however many more m's you want)
file, but not .html files. :)

Other than fixing the typo it seems to work.



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>>>> Kevin at MICA.NET 1/27/2004 2:19:21 PM >>>
>Ok, I could have _sworn_ that this was JUST asked on the list, but
>searching thru the archives and my local copies, I can't find it

It was under the subject "New virus outbreak"

Here is one of the suggestions:

Kevin Spicer wrote:

>DONT DO THIS....!!!!
>deny    .*      Attachment      All attachments temporarily rejected
>I just tried it (on my home box, not my production server thankfully)
>and it blocks all parts of the message (including message text)

happened to me too a few weeks agoo  ;-)
this seems to ok
allow   \.txt$          -                       -
allow   \.htm*$         -                       -

deny    .               "bla"         "blubber"

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