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> > >I am trying to get my head around mailscanner rules and I was
> > >if I have this right. Can I write a rule as follows.
> > >
> > >To:     user at blah       /path/to/their/ruleset.rules ?
> > >
> > >If not how could I set a rule for a specific address.
> >
> > To: user at blah value
> >
> > where "value" is the result of this configuration option for mail
>going to
> > user at blah.
>In simple terms please for "value" all I see is references to yes or no.

It can be other things, such as a numerical value or a filename, it is
whatever data the configuration option is expecting to get.

>Can you give me an example for any mail coming to user at blah to screen
>out messages from user at spammerblah.

You can only put 1 condition in the test, and you can't have rules that
point to more rulesets. Sorry, but that's a limitation of the configuration
engine I have written. I know it's not perfect, maybe expanding its
abilities is something I should look at for the next version, so you can at
least have "and" in conditions, which would solve this problem.
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