f-prot question

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Wed Jan 28 00:43:29 GMT 2004

Yesterday when the MyDoom hit, a number of messages slipped in before the
antivirus engines were on top of it.  Clam seemed to be the first to catch
it, but both my f-secure and f-prot weren't on it yet.  First thing I did
was disallow .zip files, then went about updating my antivirus signatures
manually.  (Both are catching the it now.)

Poking around, it seemed like F-prot hadn't updated in quite some time.  I'm
running two machines.  I checked the logs, and the first seems to start the
update.virus.scanners script, but I don't know if it gets any farther.  On
my second machine it clearly kicks off the clam and f-secure autoupdate.
I'm not sure it is with f-prot. I'm not getting anything further in the

Jan 27 01:00:01 mis-mxg-lnx update.virus.scanners: Found f-prot installed

Jan 27 13:00:01 mis-mx2-lnx update.virus.scanners: Found clamav installed
Jan 27 13:00:01 mis-mx2-lnx update.virus.scanners: Running autoupdate for
Jan 27 13:00:06 mis-mx2-lnx ClamAV-autoupdate[21592]: ClamAV did not need
Jan 27 13:00:06 mis-mx2-lnx update.virus.scanners: Found f-secure installed
Jan 27 13:00:06 mis-mx2-lnx update.virus.scanners: Running autoupdate for

FWIW, this is what "f-prot -verno" reports:

Program version: 4.1.2
Engine version: 3.13.4

SIGN.DEF created 27 January 2004
SIGN2.DEF created 27 January 2004
MACRO.DEF created 26 January 2004

I'm tempted to run f-prot.autoupdate from the command line to see what it
outputs, but not sure if I outta shut down MailScanner first.  I think not
but figured I'd double check.  Any reason not to?

I see references to newer versions of f-prot on the list too.  Stinkers.
They didn't notify me they'd upgraded it again.  I did get one notice from
them last fall.  Sigh.  Yet another thing to check into.

As always, thanks much...

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