tons of infected files getting though???

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Tue Jan 27 22:06:55 GMT 2004

Jon Fraley wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 16:37, Chris Yuzik wrote:
>>Hi Jon,
>>OK, now we're getting somewhere. I was concerned that it was only
>>happening to me. Now the trick is going to be to figure out exactly when
>>it happens and why.
>>Under what circumstances is Clam not detecting? As I see it, we have a
>>few possibilities:
>>1. MailScanner is sometimes not asking ClamAV to scan the attachment for
>>a virus
>>2. MailScanner IS getting ClamAV to scan, but Clam is not reporting the
>>infection, for whatever reason
>>3. Clam is scanning the file and reporting the infection, but
>>MailScanner is not handling the message correctly. (remember the
>>situation a couple of months back when Clam started complaining about an
>>invalid zip header or something, then reported a virus found on the next
Hi Jon (and everyone else),

Ok, then how do we go about figuring out if ClamAV is even scanning the
message? I don't see much in the maillog that indicates whether it was
or wasn't scanned by Clam and what the result was.

Is there a way of turning on a supplemental log for ClamAV? Adjusting
the wrapper, perhaps?


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