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Tue Jan 27 21:18:52 GMT 2004

Regretfully... it depends on how your mail server identifies messages... 
ZMailer does so based on the inode number which is frequently reused (at 
least, in linux, it can be a matter of several reuses within a couple of 
seconds in a somehow loaded server).

I did write a patch which gives really unique id's to every message (see 
the thread
in the mailing list.

I use this to generate an alternate log (in which gives 
1 line for every message with the Id, timestamp, the origin info (IP & mail 
from), subject, spam status, spamassassin info, etc.
1 line for every recipient telling me the recipient address
1 line for every virus or other problem report

These lines are all written in a bunch so they don't intermix.

All these is based on the SQLLogging function.

Regretfully, Julian never added the Id to the distribution (maybe it is a 
little cpu intensive, but I didn't notice any drawbacks using medium-sized 
hardware), so I have to keep patching it... whenever I have time, I publish 
the patches and say it so in the mailing list.


El 22 Jan 2004 a las 20:07, D. Höhn escribió:

> --On Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2004 13:39 -0500 Jon Fraley
> <jfraley at> wrote:
> > How difficult would it be to make the maillog line that lists the
> > message as spam to also contain the destination address.  Currently it
> > just lists the domain.
> >
> >> Message i0MGftkf015909 from (j.russell at to
>  i0MGftkf015909 Tells you all you need to know. Simply get the destination
> addy for that ID
> -d
> > Jon

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