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Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jan 27 18:30:52 GMT 2004

No. Someone's PC is infected and it happens to have one of your email
addresses in its address book. MyDoom-A forges sender addresses using any
it can find.

At 18:26 27/01/2004, you wrote:
>So far our MailScanner has caught these virues from entering.  I got a
>phone call saying that they got a email from us user at with
>the virus.  Also the user that it was sent from doesn't exist within the
>company. Does that mean that someone is using my server as a relay?
>Virus Count
>W32/MyDoom-A 167
>W32/Klez-H 8
>W32/Gibe-F 6
>W32/Mimail-A 2
>Troj/Sefex-A 2
>W32/Bagle-A 2
>W32/Mimail-I 1
>W32/Bugbear-B 1

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