New virus outbreak

Jeff Falgout JFalgout at CO.JEFFERSON.CO.US
Mon Jan 26 22:29:11 GMT 2004

>>> shrek-m at GMX.DE 1/26/2004 3:25:28 PM >>>
Kevin Spicer wrote:

>DONT DO THIS....!!!!
>deny    .*      Attachment      All attachments temporarily rejected
>I just tried it (on my home box, not my production server thankfully)
>and it blocks all parts of the message (including message text)

happened to me too a few weeks agoo  ;-)
this seems to ok
allow   \.txt$          -                       -
allow   \.htm*$         -                       -

deny    .               "bla"         "blubber"


Is there anything wrong with this?

deny    \.[a-z][a-z0-9]$                "Emergency Attachment Filter"
                                        Possible "Mimail" virus

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