multiple garbage words/bayes

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Mon Jan 26 22:02:41 GMT 2004

Dustin Baer wrote:
> As we all know, spammers try to get around bayes by putting in multiple
> words that have no meaning:
>         coolant drier cudgel belgrade baroness airlock actuate judas decision
> abbreviate betroth
> etc.

I have had real good luck with these two rules someone posted a week
ago. I have been using them with 0.1/0.25 respectively to test them and
have not seen any false positives yet but they often seem to trigger
when Bayes doesn't which is exactly what I'm looking for.

rawbody  CP_RANDOMWORD_10
describe CP_RANDOMWORD_10       string of 10+ random words
score    CP_RANDOMWORD_10       0.5

rawbody  CP_RANDOMWORD_15
describe CP_RANDOMWORD_15       string of 15+ random words
score    CP_RANDOMWORD_15       2.5

/Peter Bonivart

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