many spamassassin timeouts

Piet Bos p.bos at LAKE.XS4ALL.NL
Mon Jan 26 11:01:44 GMT 2004

a part of the debug output.
I find the  0 behind Net::DNS resolver unavailable rather curious
do you agree?

grtz Piet

debug: running raw-body-text per-line regexp tests; score so far=4.3
debug: running uri tests; score so far=4.3
debug: uri tests: Done uriRE
debug: running full-text regexp tests; score so far=4.3
debug: Razor2 is not available
debug: DCC is not available: dccproc not found
debug: Razor1 is not available
debug: Pyzor is not available: pyzor not found
debug: is Net::DNS::Resolver unavailable? 0
debug: trying (3)
debug: looking up MX for ''
debug: MX for '' exists? 1
debug: MX lookup of succeeded => Dns available (set dns_available to
debug: is DNS available? 1
debug: running meta tests; score so far=5.3
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From: "Julian Field" <mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK>
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 9:39 AM
Subject: Re: many spamassassin timeouts

> Run with Debug = yes and Debug SpamAssassin = yes, and see where the
> slow-down is.
> At 08:33 26/01/2004, you wrote:
> >Experiencing many spamassassin timeouts lately.
> >Is there a valid reason for that?
> >I'm using version 4.26-1 starting
> >my settings in MailScanner.conf are:
> >SpamAssassin Timeout = 40
> >Max SpamAssassin Timeouts = 50
> >
> >Any suggestions?
> >brgds Piet
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