Outlook/OWA 2003 - file types blocked

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Jan 25 14:33:20 GMT 2004

Would people like me to add all of these to my supplied
filename.rules.conf? I don't really agree with all of them. For example,
running a .inf file just shows it to you, it doesn't "run" it.

And why is a .crt dangerous?

At 13:55 25/01/2004, you wrote:
>The following is a full list of Level 1 file types blocked by Outlook
>2003 and OWA 2003. You may wish to use this to supplement (or annotate)
>the list Julian provides in the "filename.rules.conf" file.
>Level 1 file types blocked by Outlook 2003
>File extension File type
>.ade Microsoft Access project extension
>.adp Microsoft Access project
>.app Microsoft FoxPro-generated application
>.bas Microsoft Visual Basic(r) class module
>.bat Batch file
>.chm Compiled HTML Help file
>.cmd Microsoft Windows NT(r) command script
>.com Microsoft MS-DOS(r) program
>.cpl Control Panel extension
>.crt Security certificate
>.csh Unix shell script
>.exe Executable file or program
>.fxp Microsoft FoxPro(r) file
>.hlp Help file
>.hta HTML program
>.inf Setup information
>.ins Internet naming service
>.isp Internet communication settings
>.js Jscript(r) file
>.jse Jscript-encoded script file
>.ksh Unix shell script
>.lnk Shortcut
>.mda Microsoft Access add-in program
>.mdb Microsoft Access program
>.mde Microsoft Access MDE database
>.mdt Microsoft Access file
>.mdw Microsoft Access file
>.mdz Microsoft Access wizard program
>.msc Microsoft Common Console document
>.msi Windows Installer package
>.msp Windows Installer patch
>.mst Visual Test source files
>.ops FoxPro file
>.pcd Photo CD image or Microsoft Visual Test compiled script
>.pif Shortcut to MS-DOS program
>.prf Microsoft Outlook Profile Settings
>.prg FoxPro program source file
>.reg Registration entries
>.scf Windows Explorer Command file
>.scr Screen saver
>.sct Windows(r) script component
>.shb Shortcut into a document
>.shs Shell scrap object
>.url Internet shortcut
>.vb VBScript file
>.vbe VBScript-encoded script file
>.vbs VBScript file
>.wsc Windows script component
>.wsf Windows script file
>.wsh Windows script host settings file
>.xsl XML file that can contain script
>The above list was taken from Microsoft web pages by one of our Exchange
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