ANNOUNCE: Unstable 4.26.5 released

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Fri Jan 23 21:27:16 GMT 2004

I have log spam on I'm not seeing anything in the logs. I do see logging
for non-spam if I turn that on, but nothing about spam nor the actions

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I have just release the latest beta version. It should be okay, but be
very careful with the new automatic bayes rebuilding feature.

The main new changes are these:

- Added "notify" Spam Action and High Scoring Spam Action. This will
cause a
   short text notification message to be sent to the recipients of the
   message. The filename of the report is set with the "Recipient Spam
   configuration setting. There is also an MCP equivalent of this
   functionality. See the MCP documentation for details of the settings.
- Added regular rebuild of Bayes database.
- Added "Rebuild Bayes Every" and "Wait During Bayes Rebuild" options to
   configure the operation of the regular Bayes database rebuilds.
- Added "Log Non Spam" option to allow logging of all non-spam, which
can be
   coerced into logging SpamAssassin scores of non-spam mail.
- Removed the "bounce" spam action.

There are other changes as well, of course. Those above are the
interesting recent ones. See the
for more details.

Download as usual from
Julian Field
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