ANNOUNCE: Unstable 4.26.5 released

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Fri Jan 23 20:39:35 GMT 2004

Can 'disarm' be used instead of 'striphtml' in spam.actions.rules?

I assume the effect of 'disarm' is to neuter any potentially dangerous
html tags & actions, while leaving formatting alone?

Also, any thoughts on making 'notify' work in a daily digest fashion?

Ken Anderson

Julian Field wrote:
> I have just release the latest beta version. It should be okay, but be very
> careful with the new automatic bayes rebuilding feature.
> The main new changes are these:
> - Added "notify" Spam Action and High Scoring Spam Action. This will
> cause a
>   short text notification message to be sent to the recipients of the spam
>   message. The filename of the report is set with the "Recipient Spam
> Report"
>   configuration setting. There is also an MCP equivalent of this
>   functionality. See the MCP documentation for details of the settings.
> - Added regular rebuild of Bayes database.
> - Added "Rebuild Bayes Every" and "Wait During Bayes Rebuild" options to
>   configure the operation of the regular Bayes database rebuilds.
> - Added "Log Non Spam" option to allow logging of all non-spam, which
> can be
>   coerced into logging SpamAssassin scores of non-spam mail.
> - Removed the "bounce" spam action.
> There are other changes as well, of course. Those above are the interesting
> recent ones. See the
> for more details.
> Download as usual from
> --
> Julian Field
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