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Håkon Eriksen hakon.eriksen at USIT.UIO.NO
Fri Jan 23 09:22:19 GMT 2004

> Hi!
> > We have five Dell 2650s. Each with 2x2GHz P4 Xeon and 2GB RAM. They
> > all run RedHat Linux, Exim, MailScanner (duh..), SpamAssassin and
> > Sophos(with perl-SAVI).
> >
> > On an average day, they receive about 80 000 messages each, and
> > deliver apx. 125 000[1]. That adds up to about 2GB incoming and
> > 2.5GB outgoing data. I haven't done any real benchmarking, but it
> > seems each of them can handle about 12 000 messages in an hour at
> > most. We could probably tune them to handle more, though.
> You should be able to process at least 2 or three times this total
> load in one single box as you describe above...

Any tips for optimizing?

I have /var on separate disks (actually they are separate RAID1-sets),
and /var/MailScanner/incoming on tmpfs. The only RBL I use is ORDB, and
that is through Exim, not MS. It seems that MailScanner is the most
CPU-hungry process, and I can't really imagine Exim eating that much

 Håkon Eriksen <hakon.eriksen at>
 Gruppe for drift av grunntjenester (GT), SAPP, USIT

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