Your MailScanner stats

Håkon Eriksen hakon.eriksen at USIT.UIO.NO
Fri Jan 23 08:49:06 GMT 2004

> Just wondering if people wouldn't mind sharing some stats of there box
> and how MailScanner runs.
> Like CPU, Memory, OS, Major MailScanner config options and how many
> emails you can handle in an hour.

We have five Dell 2650s. Each with 2x2GHz P4 Xeon and 2GB RAM. They all
run RedHat Linux, Exim, MailScanner (duh..), SpamAssassin and Sophos
(with perl-SAVI). 

On an average day, they receive about 80 000 messages each, and deliver 
apx. 125 000[1]. That adds up to about 2GB incoming and 2.5GB outgoing
data. I haven't done any real benchmarking, but it seems each of them
can handle about 12 000 messages in an hour at most. We could probably
tune them to handle more, though. 

 Håkon Eriksen <hakon.eriksen at>
 Gruppe for drift av grunntjenester (GT), SAPP, USIT

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