feature request - FW: Just the notification for spam?

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> > So the summary of all this is
> > "Yes, I would like it in MailScanner".
> > Correct?
>LOL. :-)
>Yes, please?  Where's your wishlist on Amazon again???

www.amazon.co.uk. In the wish lists, search for Julian Field in Southampton.
Thankyou in advance!

It will take me a while to write and test, and things are pretty busy at
work at the moment (I'm getting involved in the technical admin of a
project with *57* participating institutions, and they need an entire
finance system in a hurry!)
I'll get to it as soon as I can.

I intend the "notify" action to send a plain-text email to all the
recipients of the message, telling them that the message was detected as
spam and so has not been delivered. My version of the message won't be able
to tell them much of any use, apart from including an example of each of
the variables you can use in it. I'll leave the customisation to you. I
probably won't allow it as a non-spam action, as that would be pretty daft
and the message will confuse your users :-)

Any other requests or things I have forgotten, let me know (preferably
before I implement it ;)
Julian Field
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