feature request - FW: Just the notification for spam?

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jan 21 22:19:19 GMT 2004

So the summary of all this is
"Yes, I would like it in MailScanner".

At 22:03 21/01/2004, you wrote:
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> > Wouldn't the attachment action pretty much do what you want?
> > It sends a
> > customizable message to the recipient who can choose to open the
> > attachment...is that too simple? ;-)
> >
> > I might be completely wrong of course. :-)
>Nope, it doesn't, because:
>1. There's the additional bandwidth being wasted to deliver all those
>2. I have no record of whether the user decided to open the message.
>3. It doesn't facilitate marking the message as ham or several other nice
>features that are enabled by being able to deal with the message in its
>unaltered state.
>A bit more info: I already have MailWatch set up and like it very much - in
>fact I've customized the authentication and submitted a few itty bitty tiny
>teeny bits to Steve that have been since included.  And I'm closely
>following his current work, but management's asked that users not be 1)
>required to authenticate or 2) have to go check a web page to find out
>whether a message was blocked or 3) be presented with any interface they're
>likely to ask questions about.
>Being able to send a custom notification to the user without actually
>sending the original message would neatly circumvent any need for user
>authentication - if you get the notification, you're authenticated.
>It would mean a user wouldn't need to go to a web page to see if a message
>was blocked - just look at the folder you filter your spam messages into and
>see if it's there.
>And the interface would be much simpler than MailWatch's just because it
>would only be presenting information related to one message at a time - and
>probably would have only a few buttons and a few lines of text, in my case.

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