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Wed Jan 21 21:24:56 GMT 2004

New Guestbook-Entry from Christian Campbell

We are currently running MailScanner in conjunction with Spamassassin, Clam-AV and F-Prot.  I\'\'m not currently using Bayes.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>Our organization wasn\'\'t prepared to spend the $10,000+ dollars on a spam filtration system.  However, a peer at a different company has a fancy $15K system, and it doesn\'\'t catch the spam that I do with MS/SA.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>We are currently using it as our Mail Gateway which then forwards to an Exchange 5.5 server and a Domino R5 server.  <br />
<BR><br />
<BR>We process approximately 160K messages per month for ~600 mailboxes on a 1U Dell 1550 single processor (900mhz) with 500MB RAM.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>This is a great product.  We couldn\'\'t be happier.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>Christian Campbell<br />
<BR>Systems Engineer<br />
<BR>Bruegger\'\'s Enterprises<br />
<BR>Burlington, Vermont USA

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