feature request - FW: Just the notification for spam?

Furnish, Trever G TGFurnish at HERFF-JONES.COM
Wed Jan 21 16:57:57 GMT 2004

No one responded with any suggestions for how to accomplish this in
mailscanner, so I'm assuming it's not yet possible.

So I'm hoping this will be considered as a feature request. :-)

New feature requested:
A new "action", recipientnotify, that causes a notification message to be
sent to the recipient instead of the original message.  The message file
would need to support the common variable interpolations - $report, $from,
$subject, $localposter, etc.

And the way I'd envision using this new feature:
In MailScanner.conf:
Spam Actions = store recipientnotify

Then, the message sent to the recipient would look something like:

------ Begin recipient message ------
Our mail filtering system has blocked a message sent to you

...with a subject of:

If you believe this to be a valid message, please click
<a href="http://myserver/release.cgi?messageid=$id">here</a>.

The original message will be stored for 7 days.
------ End recipient message ------

The linked web page would allow the user to take whatever
actions are appropriate for the site - ie sa-learn, release
from quarantine, whitelist, whatever.

This approach circumvents the need for any user-based authentication
and allows for a *very* simple user interface to quarantined mail.

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From: Furnish, Trever G [mailto:TGFurnish at HERFF-JONES.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 12:46 PM
Subject: Just the notification for spam?

Is it still Monday?  I'm drawing a blank on how to do something.  (How) can
I configure MS to deliver a notification to the recipient that a message was
quarantined, without actually delivering the message, not even as an

I've been asked to send recipients a message that basically says "We blocked
a message we think is spam, from Bob, with subject Foo - click here if you
think the message wasn't spam."  But the options I have in the config don't
seem to allow for that particular set-up.  Can MS do that?

I don't want to deliver the original message at all, but I still want to
notify the sender that a message was blocked.  Recipients can filter these
into a folder and ignore them 99% of the time, but on those occasions when
they're expecting a message that doesn't come in, they'd be able to open the
spam folder and search for the sender of the missing message, then click a
link to release the message.


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