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Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at WOODMACLAW.COM
Wed Jan 21 14:05:02 GMT 2004

PIII 500mhz
19x RAM
6gig hard drive

I used to have the mail forwarding to a spam account to make sure that its doing a good job (and it is, wonderful).  Now I have it on delete.  My high spam assassin score is 7.2 and my other score I think is 5 (low action).  

The email actually goes through a few other servers.  Here is what it does:
Mail comes in and goes through MailScanner
Goes through Norton Symantec Gateway (I actually have this catching all of      the email with the subject line {Spam} (which is what my MailScanner         tags the 5's with) and forwarding it to my spam account.  Actually all  of the 5's are spam too, so I think that it is doing a superb job (so do         my users).
Then it goes through Norton Enterprise Security which has spam actions and     such but I have them turned off because they are not needed.
Then to the mailboxes, which is the exange server.
They also get scanned for viruses at every stop too.  Along with all the clients having their local Norton.  

For MailScanner t should be:

Note: It is just a save of the web page (done just now).  So the links don't work from the graphs. 

This is a cut and paste of the Norton side.  Note: These numbers include all of the messages including the high spam from MailScanner because it goes right to this Norton server after MailScanner.  However is wasn't but Monday that I told MailScanner to delete high scoring spam, so these numbers should start dropping.

  Version number:    
  Date server started:     Fri, 02 Jan 2004 19:00:43 -0500    
  Server up time:     18 days 14 hours 1 minutes 0 seconds    
  Symantec AntiVirus scanning:     Enabled    
  Quarantine forwarding:     Disabled    
  Total megabytes:     437.07    
  Message mode:     Delivery    
  Incoming messages:     Accept    
  Virus definition date (rev. no.):     2004-01-18 (19)    
  Last LiveUpdate attempt:     Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:00:56 -0500    
  Last LiveUpdate status:     Succeeded (No update necessary)    
  SSL certificate:     Not installed    
  Total viruses:     0    
Accepted:   28167    
Rejected:   9    
Delivered:   28376    
Dropped:   449    
Held:   0    
Forwarded:   12719    
Queue status    
Messages in fast queue:   0    
Messages in slow queue:   0    
Messages in hold queue:   0    
  Repaired:   0  
  Deleted:   0  
  Logged:   0  
  Quarantined:   0  
  Deleted:   0  

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> MailScanner stats
> Just wondering if people wouldn't mind sharing some stats of there box 
> and how MailScanner runs.
> Like CPU, Memory, OS, Major MailScanner config options and how many 
> emails you can handle in an hour.

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