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Willem Kossen w.kossen at IMN.NL
Wed Jan 21 10:50:30 GMT 2004

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-- Subject: Your MailScanner stats
-- Just wondering if people wouldn't mind sharing some stats of there box
-- and how MailScanner runs.
-- Like CPU, Memory, OS, Major MailScanner config options and how many
-- emails you can handle in an hour.

My personal mailserver is hosted on a
- pentium 133 Mhz
- 80 Mb ram
- Linux 2.4.23 redhattish
- config of Mailscanner mostly standard
- ClamAV and Spamassassin
- this machine is also a firewall, webserver, faxserver, printserver,
fileserver, IDS, Databaseserver etc
- i don't handle large amounts of mail, allthough lots of logging is sent
through email and also that is scanned
- I've had three viruses (in three weeks time) of which I've personally sent
2 for testing
- I've had no spam yet since the email addresses hosted so far have been
free of that (this will change :(    )
- it's not a fast machine and it will not handle lots of mail (because the
kernel starts killing processes if it does :(   )
- if $$$ then upgrade else :(

any questions?

Willem Kossen

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