Kudos to Julian! We eat Bagles for breakfast!

James Gray james at grayonline.id.au
Wed Jan 21 01:35:31 GMT 2004

Just wanted to pass on the sheer, stunned, amazement of my manager and the
other IT Operations staff at $WORK ($WORK == "Windows shop"[1]).  The
latest worm (Bagel) is the first serious outbreak since I upgraded our mail
gateway to run FreeBSD+Sendmail+MailScanner+SpamAssassin+McAfee.  The
previous setup was "home grown" by a previous admin, but spawning >50
processes to handle each and every message took it's toll on reliability
and performance.

Anyway, not one Bagle made it past the ".exe" and filetype filtering before
I had a chance to update the virus signatures.  Now the sigs are up to
date, Bagle is being correctly flagged as a virus.  The last major outbreak
(Swen et al) got past the previous "home grown" system and chaos ensued.
They were expecting similar problems this time.....the total lack of
problems has left them stunned.  In fact $BOSS asked me this morning "How
much did we pay for that mail gateway software again?!".

Well done Julian and others who have contributed to this project.  It's
comforting being an admin behind a MailScanner gateway that's protecting a
Windows network :)



[1] Despite being a Windows shop I am a Unix engineer (SCSA/SCSE etc) and
have been asked to slip a few *nix boxen in "under the radar"....the mail
gateway was one of the first.
Fortune cookies says:
Real computer scientists like having a computer on their desk, else how
could they read their mail?

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