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Tue Jan 20 17:33:11 GMT 2004

Hello Marco,

 Tuesday, January 20, 2004, you wrote:

MO> I would go as far as nominating him for the Nobel Prize, for promoting "Piece
MO> of Mind" to all admins and users equally. Also, I take my hat off to all the
MO> active members on this list for your invaluable expertise.

MO> Quoting Matthew K Bowman <mkbowman at>:

>> MessageGiven the recent winners I think your idea is better. As long as it
>> comes with a lifetime supply of Guiness :)

Do you mean "Peace of Mind"?

Piece, a part of a whole: as a : FRAGMENT <pieces of broken glass> b :
any of the individual members comprising a unit.

Peace, a state of tranquillity or quiet.

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