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   Too late!  I already sent in my words of praise to OSA,
included below.

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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Mr. Field has helped open-source and UNIX email administrators
everywhere with a comprehensive and bulletproof anti-virus and
anti-spam control for mail servers running a variety of popular
email server packages (sendmail, postfix, exim, qmail).  MailScanner
can use a wide variety of anti-virus software for multiple
protection against emailed malware.  His Perl code provides
fine-grain control over both virus filtering and the use of
anti-spam agents such as Spamassassin, various block lists,
Razor, DCC, et. al.  The sysadmin has complete control over
what MailScanner does to email at his site.

The most beautiful thing about his code: No major reconfiguration
of one's mailer software is needed.  In its basic configuration,
it is simple and quick to install and use.  You do not need to
recompile your mail code, eg sendmail, nor do you need to monkey
with the config files.  You also do not have to run MailScanner
in front of the mailer software (ie, have it listen to port 25
instead of the mailer software).  It stands as a robust wall
between the mailer software's initial handling of email and its
final delivery, killing virii and spam efficiently.  It is one
of the few pieces of software that I know of that gets *more*
efficient under heavy load, due to its batch processing of
incoming email.

Personally speaking, MailScanner has saved my butt and my
mail server numerous times during virus outbreaks.  My system
barely flinched during the Sobig-F onslaught; MailScanner killed
more than 120,000 copies of Sobig in a month.

Jeff A. Earickson, Ph.D
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Colby Communications Sports Photographer
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